Tigre Haller - Chief Operating Officer

Tigre Haller of Colombia InvestingTigre Haller co-founded Colombia Investing with Toby de Lys and is responsible for vetting and analyzing potential opportunities and matching them with the appropriate investors while growing new, and maintaining existing, relationships.  Prior to Colombia Investing, Haller was a professional Risk Manager for over 15 years.  He has conducted Risk Assessments and established Loss Control programs for various industries including hotels, resorts, real estate developers, retail operations, school districts and private aircraft owners.  Haller has also published articles on Risk Management and Loss Control, and has conducted safety training seminars at national trade shows.  He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise, and showing how practical changes can be made to create a safer environment for all. 

Haller was also the Associate Editor for Nearshore Americas, an online publication focused on the IT, BPO and Nearshoring industries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Since moving to Bogota, Haller co-founded www.BogotaBrilliance.co with de Lys to help correct the negative image of the city, and of Colombia.  Bogota Brilliance has now become the most viewed website in the world about Bogota.  Due to the success of their website, de Lys and Haller wrote the first bilingual guidebook about Bogota and the region, Bogota! A Bilingual Guide to the Enchanted City, published by Penguin, which was released internationally in June 2014.

During his time in Bogota, Haller has forged strategic relationships with key players in the fields of business, investment, government and culture.  These connections have enabled Haller to position himself and Colombia Investing in a key position to effect deals and act in the best interest of clients.  He has also served as an advisor on projects such as real estate development and film production.