Colombia Funds

Colombia Investing also has an affiliated company; El Dorado Management (EDM).  EDM provides management for two alternative investment funds available to institutional investors; Colombia Growth Fund and Colombia Equity Fund.  The two funds operate through different strategies but both are focused on assets in Colombian and regional projects and companies. 

Colombia Growth Fund (CGF) focuses on investments in longer term assets in the areas of real estate, infrastructure and utilities, among others.  The real estate investments will concentrate on pockets of demand in urban / semi-urban zones in Bogota and other major regional cities.  These projects will be mostly residential multifamily and retail commercial in middle and upper-middle income neighborhoods where there is substantial lack of new product and increasing upward trends in demand and pricing.  CGF will also consider infrastructure and utility projects that meet the needs of the growing Colombian and regional economies including alternative energy and renewable resources projects.  CGF will tend to favor longer-term assets concentrating on realization in a 3-5 year time horizon.

Colombia Equity Fund (CEF) focuses on investments in public equities in markets in Colombia and regional countries.  The fund attempts to capture the growth prospects of the Colombian and regional economies while also filtering such investments with local knowledge and extensive primary research.  The fund is expected to perform in a similar manner to a regional equity index but has the goal to outperform such indexes by a process of removing certain assets that management expects to under-perform due to company-specific reasons.  CEF will tend to have more liquid assets and be more fully invested.